Foraging, courses and accomodation

Villnis is a small firm with a big heart for natures original tastes. We are based in the municipality of Inderøy, north in the county of Trøndelag in Norway. Here we forage in all the diverse types of ecology this region has to offer. If you need fresh or dried wild herbs for your kitchen, do not hesitate to contact us!


We live and work on a small farm called Venåsen in Inderøy. This is an earlier cotter´´ s farm and its written history goes back to 1430. We work to continue some of the traditions involved in the self-sufficient lifestyle common in the past and to utilise resources from our farm and nature in a respectful and sustainable manner. This means we do a lot of food preserving and cooking and wild edibles are a natural ingredient. We also get our food from our greenhouse, henhouse and kitchen garden.

We want to help others discover the resource that wild edibles are. Foraging can give improved health and wellbeing through nutritious, tasty food, physical activity and nature experiences. We hope to see that most people once again are able to recognise and name the different wild plants that surround us. We believe we have a better vantage point from which to protect nature if we have a name for and a relation to the different species in it. 

First class ingredients that inspire.

Villnis has solid expertise and experience with foraging. Since 2015 we have offered wild edibles: green wild edibles, berries, mushrooms and algae.

We have great respect for the kitchens and professionals we deliver to and for the produce we forage. We like to have close cooperation with customers where we can follow up on them through the seasons and give samples of everything we at all times have on offer.

Punctuality and predictability is important to us. We know that continuous quality in the kitchen depends on this. There is a difference between ingredients that have travelled far and those that were just foraged or harvested. We have lengthy experience planning for foraging through the seasons. For wild edibles it is important to know at what time during the year and under which conditions they are in their top condition and what type of environment that gives the best texture and taste.

Courses in Inderøy

If you would like to learn more about what ingredients nature has to offer and gain experience using them in your day-to-day cooking you can join courses and workshops at our farm here in Inderøy. Our goal is that the participants not only hear about wild edibles but experience them where they grow, taste them and get to cook with them. Practical and joyful experiences are a very good starting point for learning. Our focus is on good food, nature experiences and connections between people.

Venue for rent

If you, or someone you know, have skills in handicraft, outdoor life, food culture or any other related subject and want to teach others, we have the course venue for you at Venåsen. We offer a large outdoor area suitable for gatherings and an indoor meeting room with projector and wifi. We offer coffee/ tea and good parking possibilities. We also have accomodation for the course leader and other outdoor areas if your course needs this. We promote your event through our social media platforms and webpage.

We travel to you

If you represent a group or association that wish to have a common experience and learn more about foraging and the use of wild edibles in cooking, we can travel to you to hold a course. We tailor each course to your specific needs and interests.


Magical forest camp for rent

Welcome to a very unique experience. If you are seeking tranquility and the magic of nature and want to experience the seasons with all they can offer this is the place for you. At our place you can rent a luxurious canvas tent with a double bed and a wood stove. Here you get the opportunity to experience nature and animal life up close while you enjoy the heat from the fireplace in a comfortable tent in the forest. You can just sit and listen to the sounds of the wild while you enjoy a freshly brewed coffee in the tent or take a hike in the forest. Lie by the crackling fireplace and listen to the rain fall on the tent. All kinds of weather have its activity. In clear weather: how long since you just lay on your back and looked up into the blue sky or the stars?

In autumn/winter, this is the place for you who are not dependent on a heat pump, but like to feel the cool air against your skin and are looking for an opportunity to experience the contrasts that the seasons bring, while living comfortably.

We live in one of Norway’s finest food regions and we would like to give you a taste of this, so we give you a food basket with products from some of the great food producers close to us. In the foraging season from March to October you can also book a foraging experience with your stay.

Not far from the tent is a barbecue area with a fireplace and seating under canvas. This is available for use during your entire stay.


“Very cozy stylish forest camping! Warm and safe. Interesting things to do in the area like hikes and local food restaurants. I recommend it very very much.”

The canvas tent is spacious. Outside you have a deck with chairs where you can sit and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Maybe a bird shows up in the bird feeder while you sit there? In the tent is a futon bed that can be converted into a sofa with warm down duvets for winter and hot water bottles. If you are more than two people, we put single guest beds in the tent. In the tent you will also find “labber” made of wool to help you keep your feet warm. The temperature drops a lot at night and it is a good idea to pack a thin woolen hat and wool underwear. The tent is equipped with a kettle for boiling water on the stove, press jug, thermos, cutlery, cups and plates. You will find a filled water tank in the tent on arrival, this can be used for both drinking and washing. There are blankets, pillows and various skins for a cozy atmosphere and books and a deck of cards for pleasant moments. Tealights, light chains and a solar-powered lamp provide lighting in the tent, but feel free to bring your own headlamp or flashlight. The heat source in the tent is a wood stove. It quickly gets cool in the tent, but fortunately it is also quick to warm. Ask us about how to light a fire, both in the wood stove and outside if you need it. There is no wifi and of course no tv in the tent, here you can disconnect from digital life and media for a while. If necessary, mobiles can be charged on a flashlight that also acts as a battery bank.